Island Blog 50 – Afters

Blog 50

Well here I am after the event. There is something about after the event that rings of disappointment… know the song ‘After the Ball is Over?’
It’s about breaks of day and cold porage and most probably someone lost and not much found.

Well this is not the case for me on this sunny Sunday.

We had the best fun (whoop whoop) at the launch of Island Wife in Norwich!

It all began with me getting trussed up in my frock and stockings just after lunch which feels a tad early, to be honest, then into the car, chauffeured by my little sister, and whizzed down to the BBC Studios in her smart car complete with satnav and toffees in the glove box. I tottered up the steps in my foolish heels trying not to look like a drag queen arriving for a shoot. I was greeted and welcomed by the producer’s lovely assistant and guided upstairs to the studio. Black Watch (make a note about them!) were being interviewed before me and I noticed how the producer, Stephen, showed what looked like genuine interest in his guests, and I loved that, for it told me that the cynics of the world are wrong.


Next up was me and I enjoyed a delightful half hour with a really good guy (who may well actually read my book now)
Then we met up with Lisa my publisher from Two Roads, who said some lovely things about me, and Karen (publicity, Hodder) for a cream tea and a catch up.
So stylish.
There’s no copy of Island Wife on these shelves, Lisa said, so I signed one and we left it.

So many old faces came to the launch, such as descendants of the farm workers who had given of their best to us all those years ago and friends, now grey haired, but still recognisable in a heartbeat and with lovely well-remembered smiles.

Jarrold’s sold out that evening, and as we walked to the Last Wine Bar for a superb dinner, we talked of all that is wonderful in this life. It was a night that we will take home with us as we begin our long journey back to the island, one we will talk over for many days to come.

3 thoughts on “Island Blog 50 – Afters

  1. Judy – so pleased for you that the launch went well. I am enjoying reading your book in between cooking breakfasts, baking etc for our guests. Well done – enjoy! Amanda x

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