Island Blog – Animals and Persons

Yesterday, as we drove home from Graduation Puppy School (with a rosette, if you don’t mind) we saw a run-over snake on the sand road of the wildlife estate. We had a moment between us. It could have been an accident, or it could have been deliberate. Not many of us are fond of snakes, although I am as long as they don’t appear in the bathroom whilst I am somewhat compromised.

It thinks me of how we busy ourselves protecting animals. So many of us give to animal charities without a second thought. Dancing Bears in cages, abandoned dogs and cats in darkened suburbia, starving and lonely; rhinos under threat from the abhorrent sex aid markets; gorillas for their feet (ashtrays); zebras and leopards for their skins; the heads of all of the above as trophies.

But how often do we think of the protection of people? I am not talking abused children here, nor battered wives or husbands, all of whom elicit our auto-natural sadness, empathy and support and quite right too. But I am talking Ordinariness here. The people who, daily, cross our paths and over whom we might easily run in our daily dash to Nowhere. Ok, it is Somewhere in our perception but not in theirs and that’s my point.

in our ordinary days we cross paths with so many people. Not, I concur, on the island as much as, say, in London, Chicago, Glasgow or Edinburgh, but there will be, guaranteed, on everyman’s journey a crossing of paths. Encounters may irritate, collisions may infuriate but if we can find it in ourselves to respect every other’s journey, we will be giving a gift to our broken world. Just a smile. Just a backing off, an invitation to go first, a stop in our road so that someone else does not feel ‘run over’, will bring a flood of surprising sparkles to a heart. If we could practice this until it becomes our way, inside the work place, on the road, in school, at home, with everyone, no exceptions, we might just set in place a cure for the (thus far) incurable.

The snake is gone. Eaten by something. As happens more often in our peopled world than we might like to admit And we can change that. If we begin with one day, one choice, one decision, one commitment. That is how revolution always begins. One dream…….. and others watching.

2 thoughts on “Island Blog – Animals and Persons

  1. I ALWAYS stand back to let others, in their rush to heaven knows what, expecting nothing more than a little recognition that I am there. But more than once I have, in the space of a few seconds, gone from zero to sixty when that other ‘person’ has totally ignored the fact that I am standing there like some zombie doorman, holding the door open, shouted after them, ‘You’re welcome!’. Have manners completely died? F

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