Island Blog – A Mouse, A Monday and a Child

It’s Monday, but it could be Sunday for all the quiet out there. On the island we are taking this Covid 19 virus very seriously indeed, unlike other places, or so I am told. We plan to survive this siege and although our drawbridge is now firmly up, we have found a way to keep in touch. I get funny videos and cheery texts and FaceTime calls often and I am very grateful for them. Being a natural hugger I now have to stand far away from anyone I meet, washing my hands before touching anything they have touched, and it feels deeply weird. We are looking in now, finding things for entertainment, edutainment and upliftment. All those ‘ments’ are forcing us to use our big brains, and inventiveness is the key.

So, this morning, I decide to print out photos of my hundreds of grandchildren and their parents, captured moments of fun, in wild places, doing crazy things. I know where my Picturemate printer is. It’s on a shelf in the Land of Mouse, a dark cupboard underneath the stairs. The space is like a mini fairyland, draped exquisitely with cobwebs, the many shelves holding ancient nonsense. There are photo albums that date back to slavery, old recording equipment, wires for nothing we still employ and, in the nighttime bit, the big fat darkness, lie the Christmas decorations, silenced for another year in the belly of an old school trunk circa 1820. I can see where the mouse has made a nest or two, chewed through some obsolete wires, nibbled at the edges of this album or that cardboard box, and I whisper Good Luck Mate. I don’t mind living with you as long as you respect my Importants. Eventually, I find the printer and haul it out through the cobwebs. Now to affix it to my laptop with the right plug. So far so good. I find the downloaded photos and begin.

And that is where I stop. All I manage to achieve, in spite of double and triple checking the settings is one leg of one child on one spit of paper and the other leg on the next. At this rate I will have to assemble 12 photo sized cards in order to make one whole child. And there are 3 of them in this picture. It makes no sense to me, but even though I apply my finest and calmest logic to the matter, I make no headway, much like in the printing process, for the head of child number one never printed at all. I unplug the printer, save the photos in my gallery (I think) and return the box to fairyland. I think the mouse has jinxed it.

In the bigger picture, this little pictorial upset is nothing. But, we must be careful not to let such small things grow. And we must help each other to do the same, to see wide and free and the drawbridge down once more. It will come. And this time will have thinked us all. We will have found strengths we never knew we had, friends we never thought cared that much, ideas that come, that only ever come in times of extreme fear and deprivation. The human spirit marvels me.

I just wish mine could work out how to print a whole child.

3 thoughts on “Island Blog – A Mouse, A Monday and a Child

  1. I think that you and I, who are not that whiz bang with technology, can laugh about this one together. And the mouse is topical too. And pictures of children! Enjoy!

  2. If it helps and at the risk of teaching someone else’s grandmother to suck eggs…
    If you’re using the Printmate directly from the camera card, then the incorrect settings are in the printer, accessible from the LED on the top of the printer.
    If you’re using a computer to send the picture to the printer then the incorrect settings could be in 3 places.

    1) The application your using on the computer.
    2) The printer settings on the computer (shown when you ‘pick a printer’ ) or
    3) In the system settings in the printer (as mentioned above).

    I’m sure you know this but just in case…. the error is because your computer has been told what the paper and image dimensions are and the image is bigger than the paper. It has also been told it’s OK to print across multiple pages! I’m sure you deny all the charges leveled against you!

    Anyway, look inside the application you’re using to print and be absolutely sure you have chosen ‘fit to page’ or a similar wording e.g. ‘fit to 1 of 1’. Also, check that the paper size in the computer application, the computer/printer settings, the actual printer and then finally the actual paper are all the same.

    Something else to distract us from our socially distanced, self isolated and occasionally slightly anxious days. Our suspicion is we all have a good few left to come.

    All the best Judy

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