Island Blog – Not About Me

This is about you, you who follow my blog, who send encouraging and supportive messages, wherever you are in this bonkers world.

I wish you all that is good and lovely. I wish you, not just for today nor tomorrow, surprising gifts, things you don’t look for or expect; a random act of kindness when you need one so badly. I wish you a future you cannot see right now but one that is filled with unexpected joys. I wish you a peaceful heart, no matter what comes. I wish you friendship and familial love, perhaps rifts healed, perhaps a new hand reaching out, one you thought never would. I wish you fireworks and stars, moons and fairies, realisations that come unexpected, unbidden, that slant your thinking in a new way, a way that changes things like ripples. I wish you another Christmas. One that is free to roam and hug and share. One without masks and zoom and waving as the only ways to say I love you, I value you, you matter so much to me.

And, just to say, in my life thus far, my wishes have had serious gravitas and, flip me, come to fruition.

I may need to have a word with my wand aka some of my wishes…….

Blessing to you all and thank you for being my friends. You have no idea of your value to me. But I do. x

12 thoughts on “Island Blog – Not About Me

  1. I wish you all the joy and laughter and enlightenment you have brought to me, ever since I read Island Wife and started following your wonderful blog! Thank you so much.

  2. I have followed you from the beginning and never cease to be uplifted by your words. Your kind and generous spirit, this year especially, is overwhelmingly amazing! May all that you give to us and all others, come back to you, Judy!

  3. And thank you for these beautiful wishes. May your own come true, and some wonderful ones you haven’t even yet wished for.



  4. Hi Judy

    I have followed you merrily since I bought your great book “Island wife”, dreaming of living on an island just like you or even just living by the sea like I did as a child on the Moray coast …

    This new chapter in your life will hopefully be filled with all the delights that you have wished for me & may your eloquence carry on brightening all our days long into the future 🤞🤗✨🎄XOXO

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