Island Blog – Holdlight

This night, this evening, the sky is tricksy, moving light, crazy wild risings of gold, blood, fire, purple and umber, never an easy mix on an artist’s palette. A storm coming.

I watch it. I catch it. It enthrals me for some time. But I already feel the sink of it. It will die, and dark, it will fade, it will turn me back into the domestic of my life. I was there, yes I was, but it lasted for what…..moments, ones that a load of folk missed as they busied around kids and dinner around traffic cones and parking restrictions. But I saw it, and still I am lost when it also is lost.

I light candles, flight up the fire, warm a meal, lift the volume on my playlist and still I watch the dark because the dark will always turn to light. Always.

One thought on “Island Blog – Holdlight

  1. I am lucky to live in a spot where I can see the Western Horizon from my kitchen. Watching nature’s pyrotechnics is one of the joys of my life! I am usually up in time to see the softer version in the morning too. If we are patient and strong the light will come again.

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