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Over the last weekend, the Poppy Dog was very sick, so much so that I had to take her over the switchback to the vet. Negotiating a series of chasm potholes, sharp upward twists and barely any passing places, we arrived. Poppy was to stay overnight to be on an IV drip as she was extremely dehydrated. Leaving her was tough even as I know the vets on the island are quite brilliant. I didn’t expect to collect her alive to be honest and made my wishes clear. I did not want her back as a sickly thing, not this feisty, barky dog, my wee mate, the only other one breathing within these four stone walls. No way.

Needless to say, my night was more day than night. Every hour I wondered how she was doing until Sleep left the building. Early morning, in the dark, I swear I heard Poppy snuffling in the next room. The vet called at 07.30 and I missed the call in the one moment I went out to gather wood against the fourth bl**dy freezing storm in a single week. The answerphone told me she had enjoyed a peaceful night, had not pulled out her drip and had eaten some chicken and rice for breakfast. I couldn’t believe it and my relief lifted into a lip cracking smile. A friend drove me over to collect her early this afternoon and, despite the spectacular wind emissions, Poppy was bright and waggy.

Needless to say we are both tired but happy. She is just glad to be back home and I, well I am full of gratitudinal thanks to the vets, the friend and the survival of my wee barky mate. Poppy is more than just a dog. She is the reason for walks, for conversations (a bit one-sided I admit)and for play. She is the over-the-top welcome when I have been away at the shop for 20 minutes. She is the one who wakes me in the night because her bladder is reminding her it needs emptying. She follows me everywhere, watching with those big velvet eyes where I go and, even before I do the ‘go’ thing, when I am only just thinking about it.

May she continue to mend, particularly in the wind emission department.

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