Island Blog – Accept, Adapt and Diversify

We have rain enough to share, sans personal loss, with about 4 countries. It is as it is. Elsewhere, one country away, there has been drought, is drought. Crops are gasping with thirst, falling over, crunchy underfoot. Gardens are demanding twice daily water and it is still not enough to save the seedlings. Out here in the boil and flip of a wind blown Atlantic Ocean, our gardens are drowning. It feels a bit off balance to me. After all, t’is but a 4 hr drive to the drought, or the beginnings of it but weather is weather and there is much to understand; mountains for a start, those high froth-clouded peaks that pierce the sky and, as far as I can see, make their own deal with Weather. Then there are the huge and thoughtless clearings of woodland, of forest, of hedges and natural stands of natural trees. We have invited in what we never realised would come. Now we do.

So we have change. Seasons are all unsure about their clothing and I know that feeling. I still do. Up here it is a jumper and sock morning, fire lit and then, around mid afternoon I am so boiling hot I could personally conflagrate. I haven’t seen one walker go by, and I see many as I live at the beginning of a most beautiful (and wind-battered) walk in the wild, without full waterproofs and for months, bar a few days of warm sunshine, that shine, that delictor, imposter, fooler of people. I don’t blame the sun, don’t blame anyone or anything. It is change. That’s it. Many will discuss and refute and discuss again the damage of clearing natural forestation, the poisons tossed carelessly up into the ozone layer but honestly there is is no point in any of it because it is as it is. And, the reason I rest there is an important one. If we stand on that baseline, a question is begging to be answered.

What are we going to do about it, about the ‘it is as it is’ thingy? I believe we need to accept, then adapt and then diversify. I like that word, diversify. I have met farmers who, in the shocking loss of their livestock after swine fever, foot and mouth, drought or relentless rain at harvest time choose to diversify. These farmers converted barns into cafes or wedding venues and more. I have met the same with restaurant owners when their clientele changed because the demographic altered. People with thinking heads accept and adapt, look forward, don’t hide in whines and moans but take a brave step to move on and into the new even if that new is a blind to them at first. The humanic desire to live lively is strong in all of us, if we just take time to have a chat with ourselves.

The rain up here is threatening livestock and outdoor businesses. It is dampening the spirits of visitors, halting walks and flipping baby birds which struggle to remain bone-straight on the fence. This is a bizarre summer for sure and we who are not homeless, who watch the bizarre through windows and from behind strong walls, are indeed the lucky ones. And I accept even as I do not choose the battering wind as it strips the roses, beats the seedlings into pulp, drowns the garden. Then, Adapt. Now that might take a think or two. Sometimes I go out into the blast and the torrent without plastic coating and barefoot. I stand back-faced to the wind and the swordic pelts of heavenly water, the knives sharp against my absorbent frocks and I wait to hear the story. The sky is angry. I hear that. I come in soaked but connected and this helps me not, necessarily to understand but to accept. And adapting is easier with understanding. Now, Diversify. Well I am so not going to buy more plastic in order to remain dry. No. Instead I am going to watch the sky, to remember what Himself taught me about weather, how his sea knowledge leaked into me over the decades, so that I can step out into the wild and the new and the change and let go of how it ‘should’ be, how it ‘was’ in June. It isn’t now. And, I am learning to love rain. Accept. Adapt.

The Diversify bit might take a while to click in.

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